Put your Company on a High Growth Path

Theresa Marcroft


As your "interim VP marketing" or CMO, Theresa and her team find creative, effective ways to grow revenue and win market share by leveraging solid, classical marketing techniques and applying them to technology companies.

Why Choose THERESA?

Based on early training at Regis McKenna Inc., Theresa applies Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm" principles and real-world product line growth expertise to client work every day.  We live and breathe the Technology Adoption Life Cycle concepts, proven to be the foundation of highly effective B2B marketing strategy.
Now, you can capitalize on deep expertise and decades of experience in technology marketing without a long-term commitment. 
Theresa will position you for growth and deliver results.

ceo's attest:

"Theresa launched our new security product line and generated 700+ leads this year" ... "garnered amazing press coverage for us" ... "grew revenues by 45%" ... "developed our channel partner program from scratch" ...  "developed all-new messaging for us so we now have a simpler, more powerful story" ...  "positioned us in a new market" ... "secured key analyst support for us" ... "grew market share by 35% and doubled revenue" ... "found great resellers in Asia and Europe" ... "coached international channel partners in their marketing plans" ... "created an award-winning corporate video for us" ...  "secured speaking engagements at key conferences" ... "had significant impact on our bottom line."

See what Theresa has done for more than a dozen clients.



Over the last two decades as a VP marketing, Theresa has assembled a virtual team of top-notch professionals who are among the very best in the business. At any time, she can draw on graphic designers, writers, printers, videographers, web developers, photographers, PR pro’s, and others who can pitch in to serve her clients.  MarketSavvy clients can tap into world class expertise and benefit from access to these proven specialists only when they’re needed, without the overhead of keeping them on staff. 

It has become clear to me how much more difficult it is for companies to succeed without someone of Theresa’s caliber on their team.