Client Testimonials

SST / ShotSpotter  |  Gunshot Detection, Location & Alerting to Prevent Gun Violence

As Senior VP of Public Safety Solutions, it was my pleasure to observe Theresa in action and benefit from her partnership. She did a brilliant job on our Company web site, the San Francisco video, the National Gunfire Index, and a host of other projects that were fundamental to the Company during a period of significant transition.  I was particularly impressed by her willingness to work with me on messaging to our law enforcement partners. She was a quick study on the critical nuances of talking to cops.  As a result of her efforts, our messaging has evolved from a traditional technological narrative to a more powerful and aspirational story; a message about saving lives from gun violence. Today we are a different and more impactful company because of her contribution. 
   David Chipman, Senior VP of Public Safety Solutions, SST / ShotSpotter

Theresa’s marketing work established the ShotSpotter benefits and value like we had never before articulated in my 8 years with the company.  We now have a very compelling and fact-based story about how we reduce gun violence and make a real difference. The amazing PR support we got under her leadership makes my job easier because I don’t have to start with an introduction to ShotSpotter.  I was happy to connect Theresa directly with my customers for work on the Index and other announcements because she has great customer relations skills and the outcome of those projects was always so impressive and persuasive.
   Jack Pontious, Regional Sales Director, SST / ShotSpotter

"As a Regional Sales Director, I had the opportunity to work with Theresa, who was our VP of Marketing.  Theresa is a great team player, who used her skills to identify what projects would have the biggest impact on our business’ bottom line.  During her tenure, she wrote, designed and published our 2014 National Gunfire Index, which furthered ShotSpotter’s reputation as a leading authoritative source on the issue of gun violence.  She was sensitive to sales’ needs and customer needs, and displayed a flexible attitude to help everyone reach their goals.  In all that she does, Theresa maintains the highest level of integrity, and I would enthusiastically recommend her to others".
— Phil Dailly, Regional Sales Director, SST / ShotSpotter 

"Theresa is an extremely knowledgeable and capable professional, with a wide range of skills and experience. I had the opportunity to see her elevate Marketing and PR activities in a B2B environment, and received valuable guidance from her that had a meaningful impact on my own business. Theresa also demonstrates a deep understanding of the value of loyal customers and how creating raving fans can accelerate Sales & Marketing efforts. Finally, she is an absolute pleasure to work with -- friendly, personable, thoughtful and candid. I strongly recommend her for any business that wants raise the bar in Marketing or PR".
— Evan Klein, Founder & President at Satrix Solutions

I started working with Theresa on the launch of our new Security Solutions when the technology was little more than a concept.  She outlined a solid approach to testing the variety of verticals we were considering. She distilled our messaging into concise points and turned complex concepts into understandable, compelling collateral and web copy. Together we forged relationships with ASIS and worked with them very effectively on a utility substation security webinar.  Theresa orchestrated the presentation of our offering at our first security trade show, where our messaging and value proposition were very well-received. From a marketing standpoint, Theresa laid the foundation for SST’s Security business to be very successful. I hope to have the opportunity to partner with her in future.
   Gregg Rowland, Senior VP, Security Solutions. SST / ShotSpotter

Theresa was always extremely collaborative and welcomed new ideas to complete projects. She has a highly strategic approach to solving problems yet also remains very focused on tactical execution. This was a powerful combination, and allowed us to execute a high number of impactful projects in a short amount of time for the ShotSpotter business. Under her leadership and cooperative approach, we were able to form a highly effective lead-generation machine for the new business and maintain a credible, trusted reputation for the legacy business.
— Sherry Prescott-Willis, Director, Marketing, SST / ShotSpotter

Theresa identified a need to boost visibility here in Central America, and took the initiative to come up with creative ideas to get us some press coverage.  She wrote a strategic, impactful article, a local case study based on a customer here in Panama, and tailored it for placement in a key global publication.  We worked together to ensure that the customer was happy – they even got to put their name on her writing!  The project went smoothly and quickly with a beautiful outcome. Theresa was great at building consensus around the angle and the content, so we ended up with a quality piece.  It was a pleasure working with her, and I hope our paths cross again.
—   Tom Zinn, International Networking Services for SST / ShotSpotter in Latin America

Theresa and her marketing director hired me into the marketing manager position at ShotSpotter. From the beginning, we three worked together as a team, dividing and conquering the massive amount of work to be done by our very small group. Theresa set up the job descriptions after getting input from each person to maximize each of our contributions and job satisfaction. This turned out to be very effective as our team worked together like a well-oiled machine from Day One. Our group’s output was incredibly high and our work quality was unmatched. I had the chance to advance my skills even further and know that my contribution was valued. I look forward to working with Theresa again whenever our paths might cross.  
—   Mina Delgado, Marketing Manager, SST / ShotSpotter

We paired up beautifully -- me in data analysis and her in presentation of our 'story'. Our collaboration gave our customer a deeper understanding of the true overall value they were deriving.  Theresa has great insight and concern for customer satisfaction.  
—   Doris Cohen, Customer Success Manager (Private Sector)


TruSignal  |  Big Data for Digital Marketing

Theresa deftly took us through her comprehensive, tried & true process to distill our unique story.  We are very happy with the outcome of our positioning and messaging process -- our pitch is compelling and accurate.  We’re now in a good spot to differentiate our offering in a very crowded market. Having a clear and powerful story around “demand creation”  is already helping in our talent acquisition (hiring process) and we believe that it will help drive revenue, too. 
—   David Dowhan, President, TruSignal

Theresa skillfully took us through a productive, efficient process to craft our story. She led us to come up with a simple, value-based story that people can understand.  She then saw it through the iterative process of coming up with the specific messages, the words and phrases that communicate our key concepts.
The rigor and structure she brought to our re-positioning project was excellent. She facilitated powerful internal brainstorming sessions that resulted in a clear and simple positioning and messaging refresh—a challenge in the crowded ad tech space.
My sales team is excited about clear talk describing our business and our product taxonomy; this will help us open doors faster, shorten the sales cycle and close more deals.
—   Jeremy Longinotti, Chief Operating Officer, TruSignal

It was a pleasure working with Theresa on our updated positioning and messaging project. Theresa guided our team through a series of exercises to help us determine where we would best be positioned in the marketplace. She was a professional, reliable team player. She wore the TruSignal hat effortlessly and built good relationships with both internal and external audiences during her time on our team.
—   Anna Haire, Director, Marketing, TruSignal


Lucierna  |   A leading application performance management solutions company

We’re a very young company, so Theresa started with a blank slate. We appreciated her professionalism; she’s strategic and proactive. As our interim CMO, she effectively introduced us to the U.S. market. She developed our competitive positioning & messaging, quickly created our collateral, completely upgraded our web site, designed our channel partner program, wisely handled analyst & press relations, and kicked off our lead generation efforts, including an SEO/SEM campaign. All of this was done on a modest budget and within a challenging timeframe. Theresa ensured that Lucierna was well-positioned for growth, and we were subsequently successfully acquired by SmartBear Software, Inc. in December 2013. I can recommend her highly.
—   Manuel López, CEO, Lucierna Inc.

Theresa consistently delivered very high quality work …  it has been a great opportunity for Lucierna to grow on the marketing side, thanks to her solid and professional knowledge.
—   Alejandro González, CTO, Lucierna

Songbird  |   A music lovers’ favorite Android mobile app

Without a doubt, Theresa did what few could have done... took our marketing from 0 to 60 in nothing flat! It's been a non-stop whirlwind as we sorted out our positioning, sourced and engaged our vendors and put it all together. At the same time she had to navigate our fast paced, ready to turn-on-a-dime culture and various personalities. I know it hasn't been easy! Through it all she maintained her cool and a steady, forward-looking pressure that has enabled all that has been accomplished. We could not have done it without her!
—   Les Schmidt, CEO, Songbird  

Theresa is an absolute pro and pleasure to work with. Theresa’s leadership is tremendous, she is very strategic, organized and welcomes collaborative thinking. Theresa has a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to help drive a business forward and encourages team spirit to help get the job done right. I am so impressed with the amount of fantastic results that were garnered for Songbird in such a short period of time and thrilled she brought me on to be part of her team. I would highly recommend Theresa to any company looking for a smart, experienced and dynamic marketing professional that will roll up her sleeves to deliver both immediate and long term results.
—   Candice Yusim, Director, Social Media

Henley-Putnam University | The Leading Educational Institution in Strategic Security

Theresa is a master of smart marketing strategy, able to carefully position companies, craft messaging and articulate compelling, credible and powerful value propositions. Under her leadership and collaborative approach, we were able to adopt highly effective revenue-building marketing programs for the first time in the company’s history. She is a unique executive: intelligent and caring. I would work with Theresa again in a heartbeat.
—   Dr. Tina Pitt, Chief Academic Officer

Theresa has an excellent marketing mind, especially for branding, outreach, public relations, and messaging. I highly recommend her skills and ideas!
—   Amanda Morrow-Jensen, University Provost, Academic Dean

Theresa is a true marketing professional. I was impressed with her vast skillset, from creating compelling marketing content for print campaigns and outreach, to coordinating with vendors and finding creative solutions to some of the challenging marketing issues in the online educational space. She excels at fostering communication and collaboration among different departments. She quickly hit the ground running and developed a deep understanding of our market and programs. I highly recommend Theresa.
—   Lauren Harrison, Higher Ed Business Development Manager

SonicWALL   |   A leading secure network Infrastructure Company

Theresa is a fabulous marketer—able to effectively boost demand and generate leads in international markets. Under her lead in both Asia Pacific and Latin American, I observed and worked with Theresa as we marketed in many different countries and cultures over a period of almost four years. Her cooperative team approach served us well as we garnered great results in both PR and marketing across both continents. I would welcome the opportunity to work alongside Theresa again.
—   Colleen Nichols, Director, Global PR, DELL SonicWALL


Theresa is a true marketing professional. You´re always happy to collaborate with a person with such knowledge and expertise who´s willing to go the extra mile. She is always thinking outside the box and brings a new approach to solve any problem. Her biggest strength is her creativity.
—   Gerardo Melgoza, Country Manager, Mexico, DELL SonicWALL


Theresa is a very skilled marketer—able to effectively boost demand and generate leads in international markets. She and I worked closely as I was responsible for Sales in Hong Kong and the surrounding area, and she was leading the marketing programs to support my sales efforts. Together we devised promotional programs and boosted visibility in my markets. I appreciated her insight and hard work to further the sales growth in my region. I enjoyed work with Theresa.
—   Kevin Luk, Asia Pacific Country Manager, DELL SonicWALL

Sigaba  |  Secure Enterprise Messaging Solutions

As interim VP marketing, Theresa made significant contributions in laying the foundation for Sigaba’s future growth. She put necessary marketing procedures in place for expansion of our business, and also improved vehicles for communications among Sales, Marketing and Engineering. Both of these important improvements will serve us well as Sigaba is now well-positioned for considerable growth in the next few years.
—   Bob Cook, CEO, Sigaba

High Tower Software  |   Enterprise Security Management Software

Theresa launched our network security product into a crowded security event management (SEM) market. To do that as successfully as she did, Theresa overcame serious positioning challenges by delving deep into the technology and developing differentiators that were technically sound and competitively unique. The key to her launch success was that she made these differentiators meaningful by clearly articulating the resulting customer benefits. Her leadership in analyst and media relations resulted in highly favorable responses. Theresa has demonstrated the ability to excel in all marketing areas, including inbound marketing (product marketing) and outbound marketing (communications). She works in a very proactive way, always thinking of the next steps we needed to take. Theresa did excellent work for High Tower, and I plan to call on her again in the future.
—   Gordon Smith, CEO, High Tower Software

I originally hired Theresa as an interim VP of Marketing while we continued to search for a permanent VP of Marketing here in Orange County. After the first three months of working with her, I was so impressed by her contributions that we incorporated Theresa, based in San Jose, into our long-term plan. The quality and quantity of work she has done for us has been phenomenal. This was the first time that High Tower was exposed to exceptional marketing talent and the difference in results was dramatic. It has become clear to me how much more difficult it is for companies to succeed without someone of Theresa's caliber on their team."
—   Dr. Ursula M. Schwuttke, Vice Chair and Co-Founder, High Tower Software

Expertus, Inc. |  Offering Enterprise Software Professional Services for eLearning

Mountain View, CA, Interim VP, Marketing and Sales

Infravio, Inc.  |   A comprehensive software solution for Pure XML web services

Theresa jumped in and undertook all Infravio marketing, from A to Z. It was her extraordinary talent in every facet of marketing that gave our company the platform to grow to our next stage. I have never met so versatile a marketeer in my 12 years in the high tech industry.
—   Eileen Richardson, President and CEO, Infravio