Coaching Testimonials

Theresa is an excellent professional and personal coach. She has the highest regard and respect for her clients and always remains focused on effective solutions that yield positive results. She has a strategic approach to problem-solving and execution, coupled with an incredibly nurturing and open style, enabling clients to feel cared for and encouraged. She places an emphasis on integrity and joy in all work/life activities and her keen insight into situations gives you a unique perspective on how to improve everyday situations that seem complex. She models a good work/life balance for herself and her clients and taps into every human potential in business, and in life in general. 
— Sherry Prescott Willis, Director of Marketing, ShotSpotter Inc. 

Theresa set up the job descriptions after getting input from each person to maximize each person's contributions and job satisfaction. This was very effective as our team worked together like a well-oiled machine from Day One. Our group’s output was incredibly high and our work quality was unmatched. I had the chance to advance my skills even further and know that my contribution was valued. I look forward to working with Theresa again whenever our paths might cross.
—  Mina Delgado, Marketing Manager, ShotSpotter Inc. 

iPlace USA

Theresa is a true professional with integrity and provides creative options to complex problems. She has an innovative approach to capture the value propositions and simplify the message. During our discussion meetings, she provided me with valuable insights on strategic marketing. Theresa is patient, a great team player and extremely amicable to work with.
—   Sangeeta Jash, CMO, iPlace USA


Theresa is one of those people you want to have on your team forever. Because it is a responsible person who teaches others, who always has creative solutions, who can solve problems anytime and has a strong commitment to those companies for which she's working. Theresa is a true professional, with great passion and knowledge of both business and marketing, but above all, she helps her team to be successful. 
—  Victor Ruiz, PR & Communications Consultant


Theresa is a very effective manager. She creates an environment that encourages open communication and collaboration. She does this by recognizing each individual strength and giving constructive feedback on areas of improvement. Every member of our team were motivated to put in our 100% because we did not want to disappoint her. I would go work for Theresa again in a heartbeat.
— Ryan Lee, Sr Director, Product Mgt & Strategy, Oracle

I worked for Theresa at Sigaba as the Director of Products. She did a fabulous job at rebuilding the marketing dept. with top notch profesionals and led the effort to implement top notch effective marketing through people, processes, messaging and education. She also spearheaded the repositioning of the company. She is a top notch team builder and a pleasure to work with.
— Mahipal Lunia, Portfolio Mgt & Strategy, Oracle


Theresa is a true leader and one of the best I have ever worked for! She brought four different product marketing groups together and successfully led more than 30 marketing professionals. She is remembered for creating a cohesive Cylink brand and marketing strategy and for strengthening Cylink's position in the market. She is highly regarded by all.
— Mina Paik, Director of Portfolio Marketing, Ciena


Theresa is an extremely knowledgeable and capable professional… her valuable guidance had a meaningful impact on my own business. Theresa also demonstrates a deep understanding of the value of loyal customers and how creating raving fans can accelerate Sales & Marketing efforts. Finally, she is an absolute pleasure to work with — friendly, personable, thoughtful and candid. I strongly recommend her for any business that wants raise the bar in Marketing or PR.
—  Evan Klein, Founder, Satrix Solutions


Theresa’s leadership is tremendous;  she is very strategic, organized and collaborative. Theresa has a comprehensive understanding of what is needed to help drive a business forward and encourages team spirit to help get the job done right. I am so impressed with the amount of fantastic results that were garnered for Songbird in such a short period of time and thrilled she brought me on to be part of her team. I would highly recommend Theresa to any company looking for a smart, experienced and dynamic marketing professional that will roll up her sleeves deliver both immediate and long term results. I'll welcome the opportunity to work together again.
— Candice Yusim Maskell


It was a pleasure working with Theresa on our updated positioning and messaging project. Theresa guided our team through a series of exercises to help us determine where we would best be positioned in the marketplace. She was professional, reliable and a team player.
—   Anna Haire, now VP Marketing at TruSignal

To summarize, Theresa brings these top 5 important coaching skills to your team and your project:  

1. Broad vision, yet with a focus on important details.
2. Nuanced, crisp, clear communication.
3. Highest regard, caring and respect for clients.
4. Perceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring approach to developing custom coaching methodologies.
5. Capacity to quickly distill overall business objectives and devise marketing strategies to accomplish them.