One-Day Positioning & Messaging Workshop


Many companies have a tendency to list every applicable product & corporate attribute on their web site. "We are fast, big, secure, scalable, proven, cheap, easy to install use, maintain, expand …”.  You get the picture. Many companies are not clear on exactly what unique value they deliver to their customers. As a result, their messaging is muddy when it should be crystal clear.

Theresa teams up with your executives in an intensive, hands-on, positioning & messaging workshop.

Here’s how it works:

1) Select a date…  when your executive team will be available to devote 4-5 hours to this intensive workshop. In addition to that core team, we’ll include others—a sales director, a product manager—with valuable insight and a desire to contribute.  In person is best; I’ll come to your offices, wherever you are.

2) Guided input-gathering… once the workshop is on our calendars, participants will fill out a questionnaire and return it to me at least a week before the workshop.

I have developed this two-part questionnaire to provide you with a completely custom workshop about YOUR business, YOUR competition, YOUR unique offering. It enables us to sort through the rhetoric and distill the unique value you provide to your customers.

3) We hold the workshop… a very interactive session in which I lead you through my detailed analysis of your input so we can get down to business quickly and effectively, making maximum use of your executive team’s time investment. We have a great discussion.

4) Follow up analysis…  In the week or two following the workshop, I review the content and write up the results of our discussion. I build your positioning & messaging around that. My deliverable to you is a messaging hierarchy which forms the basis for all future outbound communications. You’ll love the synergy that comes from having everyone on the same page, using the same words to explain your core set of key benefits. You'll also love how it opens up doors for Sales!

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We are very happy with the outcome of our positioning and messaging process — our pitch is compelling and accurate.
— David Dowhan, President, TruSignal