A Marketing Coach Can Put Your Company on a High-Growth Path

March 21, 2019, San Jose, CA  --  As the CEO, you probably chose your organization’s current marketing leader. You hired or promoted that person because they are smart, work hard, and bring a great deal of passion to the job.

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But what if after some time, you start to realize that things could be running more smoothly? Or you were expecting more revenue growth? You want your marketing person to work more effectively, both strategically and tactically. However, the ability to do both comes with many years of hands-on experience. Good marketing is so much more than just social media and events - although those seem to be the focus of the upcoming crop of first-time marketing leaders. Good marketing strategy, competitive positioning, compelling value, product launch strategy, announcement timing, and a truly customer-centric approach can ensure that your company is on track to offer an identified group of target customers a product or service that will be useful to them at a price they want to pay, with the features and functionality they need. The good news is that it’s possible to fill those wide gaps of missing knowledge. It’s achievable through one-on-one coaching. 

As a B2B marketing coach, I’ve successfully launched dozens of B2B products and services, -- built brands, increased revenues and grown market share for pre-IPO startups as well as small/medium-sized public companies producing hardware, software, services, and SaaS solutions.

My work has led to revenue growth of 40%, 60% or 100% depending on the company. For one company I increased its customer base by 75% in under two years. For another, I doubled their market share and revenues in my geographic area.  

What to Expect from One-on-One Marketing Coaching

My process starts with a conversation to share your perspective on your current marketing efforts and any concerns you may have. We’ll review any areas you believe may require more immediate attention. It’s vital that we both agree on the ‘big picture’ of our consulting arrangement.

The weekly engagement is designed to produce results quickly; frequency is aimed to maximize value for your marketing leader and teach marketing strategy while applying it to your business in real-time.

As I start to work with your marketing leader, we’ll take an organized approach to check the health of your marketing activities against the big-picture of your marketing strategy. Overall, we want to ensure that you have a comprehensive and effective program in place that results in increased revenue and market share. We need to ensure that your marketing efforts are based on the following:

  • a clear and unique value proposition,

  • a properly defined target audience,

  • an understanding of the priorities and values of your target audience,

  • an understanding of how your target audience wants to buy,

  • a go-to-market strategy that reflects those preferences,

  • messaging that communicates your value to the target audience, using words that resonate with them,

  • demand generation programs that are robust and effective, leveraging all the social media channels you've set up under the company name,

  • leveraging all the relevant marketing tricks and tools such as SEO, online ads, and blogs,

  • a well-thought-out content marketing strategy,

  • a full spectrum of collateral,

  • proper TLC of your brand through pro-active PR efforts,

  • metrics in place to measure, analyze and improve progress to meet overall business/revenue goals.

As we review each of the above and tailor these efforts for your business, you'll be able to rest assured that your marketing leader is firing on all cylinders.

Mentoring Silicon Valley's Rising Marketing Stars

I’m proud to say that my one-on-one work with direct reports over the years has helped some of Silicon Valley’s rising marketing stars take their careers to the next level. I’ve been told that my “strategic executive experience and presence has helped groups to achieve more together as a team, guided teams to ‘go to market,’ successfully pivoted business models, and re-branded and re-launched products to become more successful and boost market share.”  

Here are a few more testimonials from people I’ve worked with in the past: client testimonials.

Let me put that experience and expertise to work for your organization. If you need an experienced coach for your marketing leader, don’t hesitate to take the next step and contact me for a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation. Call 408.656.1876 or email TMarcroft@Market-Savvy.com.