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Cylink was known for network security, for providing WAN Encryption Appliances. When they hired me as VP Worldwide Marketing, it was my first VP Marketing role.


Cylink’s historical “bread & butter” was their line of WAN Encryption Appliances. After years of product development and a few acquisitions, they started expanding their product line to include numerous other security products. Cylink had several products; they had just introduced a software VPN, were about to introduce a PKI solution, as well as a wireless product and a brand new hardware VPN. These disparate solutions seemed like disjointed one-off’s.


The entire product line needed to be unified so that the company could talk about the business problems they solve with their security solutions.

I developed the tagline "Securing eBusiness" to provide an umbrella under which all the Cylink solutions could be grouped as a family. It encompassed both the legacy WAN encryption business and the new security offerings. Once we embraced that "Securing eBusiness" umbrella, all the software & hardware products and services fit under that banner as a comprehensive offering, a suite of solutions.

In addition, the Cylink technical team had identified and addressed a serious vulnerability in wireless security. Adding that into our family of solutions, I coined the term, "the Gap in WAP"* to describe the unique value proposition of Cylink's wireless security solutions.

This work helped transform Cylink from an engineering-driven organization into a market- and customer-driven organization, positioning them for successful acquisition. Cylink, a public company (NASD: CYLK) was bought by SafeNet and moved to Boston.

*Tech note: When the WTLS-to-SSL protocol translation occurs in the WAP server, the data is unencrypted and temporarily exposed to attack until it is re-encrypted). Cylink resolved the "Gap in WAP" by encrypting above the WTLS protocol level at the application layer.

*Fun tidbit: In late '99, I had just returned from London where I saw the signs in the tube: "Mind the Gap" which is how I thought of the phrase, "The Gap in WAP".

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Press Release: Cylink To Provide End-to-End Security for WAP e-Business Transactions

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In my 20 plus years as a senior sales executive, I have never worked with a marketing executive with so much sales savvy. While Theresa’s focus is marketing, the plans, programs and marketing initiatives she developed had a significant positive impact on sales.
— Mike Stewart, VP Worldwide Sales for Cylink Inc.