Henley-Putnam University

Educational Institution in Strategic Security

Interim CMO Officer, 2010 -  2011

Offering degrees in Strategic Security; Intelligence Management, Terrorism & Counterterrorism, and Protection Management preparing people for careers in public or private sector intelligence, counterterrorism and protection.

Situation Summary

  • Although the University was formed about ten years ago, its marketing consisted mainly of some limited SEO and SEM efforts, outsourced to an agency. Starting with Henley-Putnam was an excellent chance to take a step back and evaluate positioning, messaging, target audiences and the best vehicles to reach them.

Contributions, Areas of Responsibility

Henley-Putnam University focuses on strategic security degrees and certificates. Still relatively new, the university was still not well known. My work as CMO for the past year has focused on positioning, branding, and creating an education category called “strategic security.”

  • From there, we branched out into demand creation and lead generation using a comprehensive mix of online and offline marketing programs and current tools.
  • Work ranged from the strategic to the tactical, getting visibility for the name of Henley-Putnam University, defining strategic security, generating quality leads, building brand awareness, …
  • Managed marketing budget of approx $75k/month to optimize investments

Samples of my work? Of course!
All developed to reflect and reinforce the new positioning

Net net:  Doubled the number of applications for admission through a combination of online /offline advertising, SEO and press coverage.

Theresa has an excellent marketing mind, especially for branding, outreach, public relations, and messaging. I highly recommend her skills and ideas!